We are very happy to announce that we are now milling in-house! After researching for a mill for about two years, we finally took a leap and purchased a milling unit. We are incredibly happy of the fact that we have more control over the whole process of CAD/CAM to better serve our dentists and patients.

At this moment, we are milling all zirconia and most Emax restorations as well as wax. It would be a lie if we tell you that there was no learning curve. However, it didn't take us nearly as long as we expected and we only had some issues with certain material. We cannot wait to try more materials and hopefully we can mill titanium abutments when the legality issues are resolved.

Here are some pictures from our mill.

We have not only bought a mill but also brought in a second design station due to the amount of CAD/CAM cases! We now design at two different computers to speed up the CAD process while maintaining our quality. We constantly post pictures on our Instagram account so keep up to date on your Oak Tree news by visiting our page @oaktreelab on Instagram!