How long does it take to repair a crack/tooth on a denture?

We provide same day services for cracked denture or a denture that needs a tooth repaired or added on. If we can pick up the case before 10am, we can return it by 3:30pm the same day! Please make sure to let us know when you call for a pick up if a case is a same-day return and we will make sure to pick it up as soon as we can.

Do you make zirconia crowns?

Absolutely! We design and mill all of our zirconia crowns in-house. We have a 3Shape D2000 lab scanner and a Novux Mill 5, which is identical to the Ceramill Motion 2. Furthermore, we can accept digital files from Trios, iTero, and 3M intra-oral scanners.

I have a patient who needs a crown but has a difficult shade. What do I do?

Not to worry! Just give us a call prior to your prep appointment day so that Diane can be there to take a custom shade. If the color is still a little off, we can schedule an in-office custom stain.

I have a complex denture case. Can I schedule a treatment planning with a technician?

Yes. If you give us a call prior to the appointment, Earl will be at your office to discuss the treatment step by step.

Can you repair a Valplast partial denture?

Unfortunately, we cannot. Considering all the work required for a technician to repair a Valplast partial, the quality of the product does not meet our standards. That's why we use UltraFlex for our flexible partials. UltraFlex allows us to repair and reline after months of wear and tear and we are able to do so with quick turn-around.

Who makes your restorations?

We do! We design and fabricate all restorations and all of our products are manufactured in the United States.

What's your turn-around time?

Generally, crowns and bridges are two weeks (10 business days) and denture procedures may vary from same day to 4-5 days. The total time for a denture from start to finish may take up to two weeks.

I have a crown under a partial case. What do I need to send and how long do you need the partial?

The short answer would be: one prep arch with the partial in place, one without, an opposing, and a bite with 4 day turn-around. However, this is one of our most asked questions and the steps are further explained in our crown and bridge department page.

I am a patient and have a denture that needs fixed. Can I get it done at your lab?

Unfortunately, we are not able to see patients without a directions from a licensed dentist. By law, a dental laboratory cannot work directly on patients without the supervision of a dentist. However, if you do not have a dentist, we would be happy to send you a referral! Give us a call during our office hours.

*More Q&A will be added soon.

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