Custom Abutments

We provide custom abutments for various implant types. The most common ones are Nobel Biocare, Astra, Zimmer Biomet, Straumann, and Implant Direct. The advantage of using a custom abutment over stock abutment is that custom abutment provides an emergence profile that mimics the shape of the natural tooth it replaces. This way, an optimum aesthetics can be achieved with any type of restoration that goes on top of it by creating a natural cervical to incisal curvature. The most common way is to cement a crown on top of the abutment, however, a screw-in crown abutment can be used if the crown needs to be retrievable in a later time. Nowadays, custom abutments have become more affordable and costs about the same as a stock abutment. All implant cases are scanned and sent to manufactures digitally. Meanwhile, crowns are designed on virtual scans and when the abutments come back, minor to almost no adjustments are needed.

Intra-oral Scanners Using Scanbodies

If you have a intra-oral scanner, you are able to use a scan body in leu of an impression post to scan it. Most implant systems have a scan body you can order. If you are using a third party scan body, it is best if you let us know of the info to make sure it is compatible with our 3Shape system. As far as who mills the abutments, we generally send the abutment to the company of the implant. For instance, if the implant is an Astra Osseospeed, we send the case to Atlantis, an Astra branch for custom abutments. If it's a Nobel Biocare Conical Connect, we send the case to Nobel.

For the models, we design them so that it has a negative space for the analog and send them out to be printed. When the models arrive, we assemble it with an analog and voilà! You have a replica of the mouth from a digital scan! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call.


If you need torque and driver information per implant manufacturer, download this word document.