Diane Hughes

Owner, CDT, Crown & Bridge

I have been working as a dental technician since 1979 and have used many different materials to fabricate crowns and bridges. Right now is such an exciting time to be a technician because the choice in materials gives us the opportunity to make the most esthetic restorations ever! My hobbies are horseback riding and camping.

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Earl Hughes

Owner, Dentures

I have been a denture technician since 1963 with experiences in implant retained denture, bars and over dentures, trouble shooting, all phases of denture work, some partial and crown and bridge. Along with my wife, I am the owner here at Oak Tree Dental Lab.

In my off time I enjoy horseback riding, archery, and spending time with my wife



Hi, I am George Leady. I have been making dentures since 1972 and I still like it. Most of the time, I do work on frames, repairs, soft liners, some overdentures, hader bars, and other things. You can depend on our work quality! Please call on us!

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CDT, Ceramist, Crown & Bridge

Hello, my name is Donna. I am a graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design with a major in fine arts. I have been doing dental ceramics since 1984. I have been a CDT since 2009 and have taught stain and glaze courses, as well as demos and lectures. My favorite thing about my career is meeting the patients and seeing their smiles that we have created. 
In my spare time I enjoy doing watercolors, riding our motorcycle, and spending time with family.



Hi, my name is Mohammad. I graduated from NYCCT with a degree in Restorative Dentistry. I have basic all around knowledge in all aspects of dental technology but since I have started working in this field, I have picked up the most experience in CAD/CAM. I think it's amazing how we can design a coping, crown, or an abutment on a 3D software and watch that design come to life.

Currently at Oak Tree Dental Lab, I am part of the CAD/CAM team. I mainly design, mill, and color the restorations at its premature state.

I like to enjoy my spare time with my family and friends. My favorite hobbies are sports, movies, videogames, and writing. I like having fun and enjoy a good laugh.



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My name is Nick and I have been taking care of the CAD (computer animated design) aspect of the Oak Tree Dental Lab since the spring of 2014. I use computer software to design prostethic teeth, bridges, implant systems, and more! I am a recent graduate of the ESTEM Academy where I worked with 3D Printing and Laser Engraving technology.

I am also a former Boy Scout. In my free time I enjoy camping, being outdoors, gaming, and am an avid car enthusiast.



Administrative Assistant

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Delivery Driver

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