• Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

  • Full Cast

  • All Ceramic

    • Zirconia (solid or layered)
    • IPS eMax (solid or layered)
    • IPS Empress Esthetics
  • Implant

    • UCLA Screw-in Restoration (PFM)
    • Zirconia Layered Screw-in Restoration (PFZ)
    • Custom Abutments
      • Titanium
      • All Zirconia
      • Zirconia Hybrid

Other Services

*Appointment is required for these services. Surcharge may apply.*

  • Custom Shading (Custom shade is taken on prep appointment)
  • Custom Staining (Restoration is custom stained on seat appointment)
  • In-Office Consultation

*For all cases, we ask that you send an impression of the prep arch, an opposing, and a bite. If it is an implant case, please note the type and size of the implant.

Crown Under Partial Cases

For best results, we ask that you include the following.

  • prep arch with the partial in place (for correct placement of the partial on the prep)
  • prep arch without the partial (for an accurate impression of the margin)
  • opposing
  • Bite registration with the partial if the partial stays in the lab during the whole fabrication
  • Bite registration without the partial if the partial returns to the patient same day

Option 1: To minimize the length the patient has to go through without a partial, we will meet a turn around time of 4 days. Please have us pick up the case by 10am and we will deliver it by noon on the 4th day. For example, if the case is picked up by 10am on Monday, we can deliver it by noon on that Thursday.

Option 2: If the patient cannot wait four days, then we request that we keep it for at least a day. Please refer to the bullet points above for case contents. If we pick up the case by 10am, we can return the partial the next day by noon. We will make a jig and use that to replicate the rest(s) and clasp(s) of the partial.

Option 3: If the patient cannot go without the partial at all, then here is another option. Please include the following.

  • prep arch without the partial
  • opposing
  • bite registration without the partial
  • *A jig with blue moose over the prep-clasp area and press the partial on it.

Option 1 provides the most accurate restoration, but if it's not an option for you, you can choose options 2 or 3 with option 3 being the least accurate.

If you have an intra-oral scanner and need a crown under a partial, please make sure to take a pre-op scan and double-check that the pre-op and prepped scans align properly. We will copy the design of the pre-op tooth/crown. For best result, please send the partial (by pick up or mail) as well so that we can make sure it fits under the partial.

Digital Cases

Please refer to our digital page for more information.


Please do not hesitate to call our lab with any questions during normal lab hours.