Scanner: 3SHAPE D2000

Getting a scanner back in 2009 was one of the best decisions we made. Our very first scanner was a Dental Wings. It did the job of scanning and designing restorations and we were content with it until it died in 2014. After much research, we decided to purchase a 3Shape scanner, D800. Not only was it smaller, quieter, and faster, but it also enabled us to scan and design implant abutments and printed models. Our current scanner, D2000, is a game changer. We are now able to skip the model work and scan the impression directly. We are still on our trial stage but we are very close to leaving the "stone age" behind us (pun intended). 

Mill: NOVUX Mill 5

We purchased our mill back in August of 2016. It has the capabilities of milling zirconia, Lava, eMax, wax, PMMA, and titanium abutments. Having a milling unit in-house has enhanced our restoration quality significantly. Not only are we able to fabricate accurately fitting restorations, but we can also use high-quality materials for our dentists at a reasonable cost. We mill all of our zirconia restorations in-house and can customize colors on every single crown and bridge. We also mill some of our eMax restorations and wax patterns for PFM restorations. Ever since we got our mill, we have been designing and milling temporaries and the results are superb!

3D Printer: ASIGA Freeform Pro2

Our most recent purchase in the digital department is our 3D printer. Once we realized how much we were spending on outsourcing, we decided to purchase our own 3D printer. We have been printing models nonstop in-house since the beginning of April 2017 and of course we did not stop at models. For implant digital models, we also print the gingiva around the implant. Recently, we successfully printed a surgical stent. We hope to print more restorations including occlusal guards and temporaries.

Intra-Oral Scanners

We are able to accept digital files from Trios® (3Shape), iTero®, 3M True Definition, Carestream, Cerec®, PlanScan®, and Dental Wings® scanning systems. Please refer to the following for more info.

Instructions For Sending Digital Files:

  • Trios® (3Shape)
    • Register with 3Shape Communicate.
    • Send a Connection Request from 3Shape Communicate to Oak Tree Dental Lab (
    • Once the lab accepts the request, the connection is complete.
    • For every case, you have to select Oak Tree Dental Lab from the lab menu.
  • iTero®

    • Call iTero® at 1-800-577-8767 (opt.2) to add Oak Tree Dental Lab. (customer#:14704)
    • Once the connection is established, you're ready to send the case.
  • 3M™ True Definition Scanner
    • Contact 3M™ Digital Customer Service at 1-877-722-6528 to add Oak Tree Dental Lab to your Scanner Laboratory Menu if not already listed.
    • Once added, select our lab from the list and upload your scan data, along with the online prescription, to the 3M™ Communication Center.
    • We will receive an email notifying us that your case is ready to be worked on.
  • Carestream CS Scanner (Through CSConnect)
    • Log into your CSConnect account.
    • Select Oak Tree Dental Lab in the drop down menu. If it's the first time sending to us, enter "" in the email field. We will recieve an email to connect with you.
    • Attach files by clicking "Browse" and choosing the correct .dcm file from the patient's folder and click "Open".
    • Please note any important information about the case in the comment box.
    • Press "Submit"
    • Your case is ready to proceed to production
  • Cerec®
    • Create an account through "" if your office does not have an account already. Call Sirona Customer Service at 1-844-848-0137 for assistance if needed.
    • Make sure to select Oak Tree Dental Lab as favorite lab.
    • Once you have finished scanning patient, review order and restoration information then click on "Enter Order Data"
    • Once upload is complete, select Oak Tree Dental Lab and provide a preferred return date.
    • To add any further information about the case and/or patient, choose "Add Additional Information" and upload the information along with any additional files.
    • Review case information and scan data then click "Submit Cart"
    • Enter your username and password again to complete the case submission.
    • Your case is ready for us to work on.
  • Planmeca PlanScan®
    • In your CAD/CAM module, select the desired case file(s) and choose "DDX Export".
    • Select "STL" as the export type.
    • Click "Create a New Case". If you are not logged into DDX already, you will be prompted to login to DDX.
    • Select "Oak Tree Dental Lab" from list of available labs.
    • Fill out the form with requested procedure, materials being used, shades, etc.
    • Review information is correct and "Submit Case"
    • The case is ready for production
  • Dental Wings®
    • Complete the intraoral scan for patient.
    • Take the STL file output by scanner and attach it to an email addressed to
    • Include any important information including procedure, materials being used, shade, etc
    • Send the email.
    • Once we receive your email the case is ready to be worked on.




Plan Scan-Transparent.gif
dental wings-transparent.gif


We have been scanning for years now and have been using our scanner for zirconia restorations mostly. However, within the recent years, we scanned and designed cases for PFM, full-cast gold, eMax, Lava, Zirconia, PMMA, and wax. Currently, we have been scanning, milling, and printing in-house for the following materials.

  • Zirconia
  • Lava Plus
  • eMax
  • PMMA
  • Wax (for pressed ceramics and metal restorations)
  • Digital Models
  • Gingiva
  • Surgical Stents

Although our milling unit is capable of milling titanium abutments, FDA has not approved a 3rd party to mill implant abutments just yet. Until then, we will be scanning and designing them in-house and outsourcing them to be milled.