Certification and more!

We have some exciting future events happening here at Oak Tree. We have decided to become a certified dental laboratory to better serve our clients with optimum quality restorations and service. There are a lot of things to get done, but we are working really hard and now we are at a touch-up stage. We are hoping to become certified by June depending on how long the evaluation takes.

With the digital age becoming more pronounced, we have Nick as our CAD technician designated to digitally manufactured restorations. We are constantly learning and exploiting all the exciting features digital age has to offer. We are currently anticipating to design our first crown with the digital impression taken from an intra-oral scanner. Excitement is in the air for it would bring a dust-free environment and cuts down the material cost for both the doctor and the lab. We are only accepting images from select doctors at the moment, but once we have a firm knowledge and skills, we will open up to more doctors.

Be on the look out!